I feel like over the course of 5 years you've helped me develop more confidence. Whether it's telling me I can do something or telling me I'm doing good at something. You've also helped me learn ways to start opening up about my emotions. I've learned from you multiple ways  to express my emotions like writing it down or just talking to someone like you. 

-Hydea, 10th grader 

Bianca is definitely a god send , I volunteered with her and knew she was in the business world and I wanted to pick her brain. We then first met up to speak about business but as the conversation went on I discovered she was a life coach. We talked about business for every bit of 5 minutes , and then we went on to what lives we lived and journey’s we have taken. I knew then I needed her in my life as more than someone I mentored with. I needed her as my mentor/ life coach! She has helped me in more ways than one and continues to do so! One thing I will say that is different since working with Bianca is my limits I put on myself. I put limits on myself thinking I need to do things by a certain age and time. Since working with Bianca I have learned to not do that and to live and be in the moment. Thank you Bianca for taking me on and giving so much insight. I’m looking forward to what is to come! 

-Shannell, Millennial Client 

I'm grateful I found Ms. Bianca. I found her at a time when my daughter and I were not getting a long and it felt as if we were fighting everyday. My daughter felt like a different person and she was beginning to rebel against me, my husband, and the rules for the house. I knew that that all the fighting and arguing wasn't healthy for her or me. When I went to Ms. Bianca I went in search for help for my daughter however, after talking to her I realized she offered coaching for mothers and daughters and I immediately too her up on it. During the coaching Ms. Bianca was able to pinpoint our main issue which was communication and give us the tools we needed to communicated better. I have seen a vast improvement in my daughter as well as our relationship. I don't think we could have done it without Ms. Bianca. 

-Mother of 17 year old girl