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Ladies we have all been wearing masks that no longer serve us for far too long. 

I want to ask you a question...How long will you allow guilt, shame, failure, perfectionism, rejection, etc. to cause you to hide behind a filter?

It's time to remove those masks and fully step into the woman you have ALWAYS BEEN! Actually it's way past time.

It's time to take back your mind, confidence and future so you can lose anything end EVERYTHING that's not working for you.

In this class we are going to: 

*identify the mask

*release the feelings/emotions attached to the mask 

*reset your mindset so you can FULLY embrace your future

*create actionable steps so you don't put the mask back on

Once we are done you will have restored your TRUE identity; the authentic, healed and empowered you.

She's waiting on you so what are you waiting for?


Join me October 1st at 10am for this live virtual class. 

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